pastor craig robertson

Craig Robertson

A Scenic View of a Crag by Craig Robertson My parents aptly named me Craig.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned that Craig is a derivation from the Celtic word “Crag” which means “steep and rugged rock.”  Not rugged as in handsome (I wish) but jagged and rough.  Did you ever…

Gill Robertson

I believe the Bible gives us the foundation of our relationship with God. He speaks in other ways too, but I personally have a passion to for people to experience the beauty of the Bible’s truth.

Rick Ottens

Rick Ottens

God has given me a love and compassion for people. Meeting in small groups helps people connect and life change with God and each other happens in community.

Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard

Worship is the act of giving God His rightful place in our lives. As Worship Ministry Coordinator, it is my desire to coordinate the sub-ministries of Music, Media/AV, and Sound together to enhance the corporate worship experience and help encourage a life of worship beyond the walls of New Crossing Church. As we worship together, I trust that God will open our hearts to His Word and give us the will and wisdom to apply it to our lives every day.

Sarah Newby

FREEDOM!!!!!! I am extremely passionate about women living their lives in freedom (Galatians 5:1). Having lived most of my life covered in shame, sin and deception, I have experienced true and lasting freedom because of Christ. My greatest joy is seeing others experience this same freedom, too!

Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart

My desire for everyone is to experience the freedom that can only come from being in a relationship with the Father, Son (Jesus Christ) & Holy Spirit.  The following quote from Mark Labberton in The Dangerous Act of Worship sums it up beautifully:  “The biblical narrative unfolds gradually until we understand that the humble, mutually loving,…

Jason Jennings

Jason leads Men’s Ministry at New Crossing.  His passion is to bring repentant men to the cross and let them experience the mercy and grace of Christ.  His testimony speaks into the need for men to live a rigorously honest life, as they fight the good fight of faith and champion the gospel message into…

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

I’m a homeschooling mama of two. It brings me great joy to see kids learn and grow in their faith! Our focus in Kids Connection is to provide a loving, safe, and fun atmosphere where kids can explore the Bible and learn about God in a hands-on, kinesthetic approach. Our curriculum is rich in content…

Aaron & Kim Harrison

Aaron & Kim lead the high school youth group on Sunday afternoons.