These values express the vision of NCC “Love God, Love One Another, and Go Bless Others”.  The flow of these Values is intentionally prioritized.  We first value knowing God because He is the reason for everything.  Because we know Him, we are able to function in Grace as we love one another in healthy and meaningful relationships that produce spiritual growth.  We Know God and live in Grace SO THAT we bear fruit in His service.  Growing in the knowledge of God and experiencing His grace compels us to become all God intended us to be as fruit bearers and participants in His work in this world.

We value knowing who God is through scripture.
     – This happens in a larger setting at Sunday Services as we learn more about God’s character
        through Biblical teaching.
     – This happens in smaller settings such as small groups and studies, Discipleship, and individual study of scripture.
We value knowing who God is through prayer.
     – This happens in larger settings at Sunday Services and prayer services.
     – This happens in smaller settings in small groups, meetings, discipleship, and in our individual prayer time with God.
We value knowing God the Father, and the Son through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

We value Grace within the community of the body of Christ.
     – This is lived out through transparency with one another in relationships.
     – This is lived out through friendships with one another as we walk through life together.
     – This is lived out through the acceptance of where we are in our journey with Christ.
     – This is lived out through our hope in the promise that we will grow and be spiritually transformed.
     – This is lived out through unity in the essentials of our faith, liberty in the non-essentials, and love in all things.

We bless others by serving within the church through participation in ministry.
We bless others through our witness in relationships with those outside the church within our spheres of influence among family, friends, places of work, and community.